LasreShip Logistics has been established to take full advantage of today’s technology, operating systems, and hardware advancements. Our logistics team consists of personnel that have devoted years to working with our customers to create the most efficient routing solutions possible.

Originating in 1997, LaserShip Logistics has years of experience and expertise in implementing solutions with companies looking to streamline operations and reduce costs. LaserShip Logistics is acknowledged as an industry leader in providing solutions for our clients.

At LaserShip Logistics our mission is to create transportation alternatives that generates quality solutions to cut costs and improve customer service. In doing that we recognize our key ingredients to success:

  • Customer service is the number one priority

  • User friendly data exchange

  • Affordability must be maintained

By following this mission we have managed to experience outstanding growth and look forward to many more productive years in the future.

Key benefits include:

  • Reduce operating expenses

  • Increase profits

  • Improve customer service

Our primary goals in LaserShip Logistics are to:

  1. Produce flexible routing solutions that will produce superior results in a wide variety of environments.

  2. Create routing solutions that are efficient, but flexible enough to adapt to an ever changing environment.

Our clients agree that we have indeed accomplished these goals:


Lowers the number of miles traveled
Reduces the number of trucks required
Optimizes routes to reduce costs
Improves control over your operations
Adhere to time window restrictions, special stops, and equipment constraints
Improves customer service
Provide extensive “What If” analysis


Builds Fixed Routes or Dynamic Daily routes
Single Day, Multi-Day, and One Way routing analysis
Adhere to work rule and dispatch parameters
Easy to use interactive route editing through the map or menu commands
Updates cost, mileage, and hours as routes are modified
Expansive, customizable reporting
Drawing tools that let you assign customers to routes geographically
Street level, turn-by-turn driving directions
Drive time and mileage adjustments for fine-tuning and weather conditions
Editable Speed Settings, Road Avoidance, and One-Way Road Restrictions
Multi-depot capabilities
Financial Analysis of Routes and Fleet Operations


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