Prestige Delivery Systems Joins LaserShip

In 2014, Prestige Delivery Systems joined LaserShip, Inc. to create a delivery network that covers most major markets in the eastern U.S. and offers expertise in wide-range of delivery solutions across multiple industries, including e-commerce, retail, pharmaceuticals, office supplies, and others. LaserShip has a long history as a regional parcel carrier operating in east coast markets from Florida to Massachusetts. Together with LaserShip, we will extend our mutual coverage area and grow our shared capabilities to meet the growing needs of our customers.

To create consistency across the network, we have started to consolidate our operations under a common name - LaserShip. Prestige customers in certain markets are starting to see their local drivers display LaserShip clothing and vehicle placards. While the name may be new, our customers can rest assured that they will continue to receive the same level of service from the same individuals that they've always worked with. Under any name, our customers are our top priority.

To learn more about LaserShip, click here.

One Call Solution for all you transportation needs

Prestige Delivery Systems, Inc. or PDS provides all of your delivery and distribution needs locally, statewide, regionally and nationally. We deliver everything from a letter to loaded semi trailer.  Our contractor fleet provides prompt, reliable and professional service to all of our partners.

Prestige, or PDS, provides services to the following industries and more.

  • Health Care

  • Office Supply

  • Financial Institutions

  • Automotive

  • Retail Supply

Prestige or PDS, provides the following types of services and more.

  • On demand

  • Same day

  • Next day

  • Scheduled

  • Distribution

  • Fleet replacement

  • Expedited

In over twenty years, PDS has grown from a small Cleveland based courier company to one of the largest privately held carriers in the United States. The infrastructure we've built over this time makes it possible for us to provide unparalleled service at competitive pricing.

Anything from cars for small package delivery to full sized semi trailers for freight, we have over 2600 vehicles at our disposal. Our 40 offices in 12 states service our partners day and night, 365 days a year.

Every Prestige location is operated by Prestige employees to ensure the same consistent level of customer satisfaction our partners have asked us to provide from the 1st location that opened in 1986 in Cleveland, to the 40th location in Maryland.
Every member of our senior management team has over 15 years of experience.  This level of experience allows a consistent message to be spread throughout the organizational culture.  That message is, “Partner satisfaction first and foremost”.

Stability and reliability

The stable and steady growth of Prestige Delivery Systems is a direct result of our partners entrusting Prestige with their most valuable possessions, their customers.  All of the growth Prestige has experienced is a direct result of our partners working with us to move into new markets and territories. 

Our partners count on PDS to be there today and tomorrow for all their delivery needs.  We ensure fiscal financial responsibility by adhering to the highest accounting standard available today.  Nothing is left to chance at PDS, we believe success starts with the details.


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